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[The Friend Ship probably picked one of the worst days to end up on Muertos. A forbidding and desolate landscape on its more appealing days, a recent rain has swathed the island in a thick fog -- perfect for monsters and other meanies to hide in. Indeed, there seem to be shadows skulking around in the mist...or is it all just an optical illusion?

Strangely, Hubert finds the fog to be more annoying than scary. How are they supposed to see in this? What a pain. They'll have to bring a lantern with them or something.

...of course, once Hubert actually gets off the ship and starts walking around to get his land bearings back, he forgets about needing a lantern. Actually, the fog isn't that bad walking around in it. It's...kind of cool, actually. They never got fog like this back in Lhant!] really can't see anything out here! It's like a blank sheet of paper!

[This isn't cause for concern at all, what are you even talking about.]

((Based off this meme; Hubert has lost his sense of self-preservation.))
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