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[It's sunny, snowless, and warm -- odd adjectives for a winter day in Luceti. But if the shifted Christmas decorations on all the buildings didn't tip someone off to the true season, certainly the sprigs of mistletoe popping up everywhere would.

At this point, Pao-Lin can practically draw a photographic image of the parasitic plant from memory; she's just seen so much of it. Such things happen when a girl makes it a point to zap any mistletoe she can spot as she goes for her usual run around the village. Though she doesn't harbor a hatred for the plant the way other Lucetians seem to do, it gives her a little more purpose in her days for the moment. It's kind of fun, in a way, like a game. One with awkward consequences if she loses, but by some stroke of luck she's managed to miss out on mistletoe misery thus far.

That being said, there is one person she wouldn't mind being stuck under the mistletoe with. But she hardly needs an excuse to kiss him.]
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So I don't have to wait for it to come up on [community profile] bakerstreet! Now posted in the right journal, sob.

- Post your character, name, and series in the subject. Include any preferences as well, and indicate which muse of mine you want!
- Go to RNG and enter 1-6 for a scene type, and 1-20 for a scene to play out. Or just choose one yourself, whatever.
- Have fun!

Note: For email filtering reasons, I've turned off comment notifications to this entry. So if you post here and you didn't work something out with me beforehand elsewhere, drop a PM to this account to let me know you're here!

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[What was it with those fucking Valentine's Day experiments?!


Okay, maybe that particular qualifier shouldn't be used anywhere near those words, considering what had happened between Pao-Lin and Hubert this time around. Maybe they hadn't quite done the deed then, but they'd certainly come close enough to make things supremely awkward between them afterwards. Really, Pao-Lin had been amazed that Hubert still showed up for his kung fu lesson a couple of days later -- she herself had almost thought about calling in "sick" for those. But that would have been pretty irresponsible of her, and anyway she did really miss him a lot. Like. A lot.

...this whole sex thing was stupid, Pao-Lin thought. And confusing.

The latter point, however, is the whole reason Pao-Lin is heading over to House 44 today. Upon hearing about Pao-Lin's encounter of the goodtouch kind, Ginia had offered to clarify a couple of points about the whole deal, inviting Pao-Lin over for a special "girl talk" session. Pao-Lin had almost said no. It was embarrassing enough to think about, never mind talk about.

But Ginia always has something useful or important to say, and Pao-Lin's confided a lot in her over the time she's known the woman in Luceti. And the only other person she would consider talking to about such matters, Nathan, is away on a mission at the moment.

So, bundled up against the February chill with her hood up to hide what is probably a very bashful expression, Pao-Lin rings the doorbell of House 44.]
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This is a catchall post for Pao-Lin. Any threads specifically for her can go here!
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[As Pao-Lin wanders through the streets of Luceti, there are quite a number of questions on her mind. Things like, how did she get here? What is this place? Why does she have wings?

And where's Hubert?

This last one comes primarily from the fact that she's pretty sure she remembers falling asleep on the couch at his house the night before. Did he get dragged to where this place is, too? She's not sure whether she wants that to be true or not. It'd be nice not to be alone, but...he deserves to be safe at home. She's the Hero, not him: she'll deal with danger and protect him.

Not that Luceti seems all that dangerous, being the kind of homey village that it is. But it's unfamiliar, and so Pao-Lin keeps her gaze sharp and observant, keeping an eye out for threats...or her best friend.]
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