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[It's Valentine's Day, which means...absolutely nothing to Pommy! Or at least, it didn't until someone explained its purpose and customs to him.

Now Pommy's wandering around Luceti with two boxes full of treats for his two favoritest people in the place. One contains a couple of poppyseed muffins, while the other has oatmeal cookies. He's mainly looking for the intended recipients of these, but you can come talk to him regardless.]
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[There's a familiar girl walking the streets of Luceti today with an intense, focused expression, newly returned from her mallynapping. But those who know her will quickly realize that something is very off. Very, very off.

The more innocuous difference is that she's taller, with longer hair and a more mature face, though she still wears her yellow-and-black striped jumpsuit. She's also toting around a katana -- an odd choice, considering her weapon of choice as a Hero.

Ah...Heroes and HeroTV. That's where things start to get interesting with this one. If you come up and talk to her, maybe you'll find out just how interesting they are.]
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