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catchall post: pao-lin huang

This is a catchall post for Pao-Lin. Any threads specifically for her can go here!
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[Continued from here

There's always room for improvement with everything. There is no such thing as perfection, even if people strive for such.

[And there is the pessimistic realist poking out of Hubert now, ruining the possible chance of a romantic mood that may have occurred. Not like there was a chance of that happening.]
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[And Hubert doesn't even notice that the popcorn is gone until she mentions making more popcorn. Well, he was hoping to have some more but he won't complain.]

That's not necessary, unless you wish to have some more.

[Smooth Hubert, make her seem like the glutton.]
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Sure, I suppose there wouldn't be any harm in that.

[Toffee flavored popcorn sure sounded interesting, and to be quite honest he wasn't sure how it was going to taste, but he couldn't help but be curious about it either. Being nice he paused the movie for her. After all, he was rather certain she wouldn't want to miss a single frame.]
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[And he does hear those sounds as he can't help but get up from the couch to find out exactly what she was doing.]

Do you perhaps need some assistance?

[Perhaps a little rude and blunt the way he said it, especially as he pressed against the bridge of his glasses, but he would help if she said 'yes'.]
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I put them in their proper locations. [Food cannot be left sitting out in the kitchen. And even though it is her kitchen, he did his best to place the items where he thought they should go. So the popcorn is in one of the cabinets. Likely the one that holds all the snacks.]
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[He looks around the kitchen before he spots the cabinet below the microwave. It made sense to him to put it there, so that's where it went. And he points to that exact cabinet.]

Down there. It should be in the front.
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It's not a problem at all. I had nothing to do tonight, and it seemed a waste to sit at home and do nothing.

[And Hubert's just going to be insensitive and not admit that he really wanted to come over, because feels, what are they? He knows he has them, just he's not used to them at all.]
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I have free time as well.

[Gosh, don't make him sound like a workaholic! ...even if he totally is.]
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I suppose it has. My grades haven't slipped at the very least. [Still a straight A honor student to please his dad. Nothing new.]
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[[ ooc: From here ]]

[ He's... used to it. ]

... When I'm done being in a blanket cocoon, I'll make sure we have enough quarters

[ But he's not done being in a blanket cocoon. ]
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I'm allowed to touch that?

[ He has a very strong respect for her belongings and not going through them... borrowing blankets and pillows for a cocoon aside. They probably have a clause somewhere about pillow forts. ]
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I'll be very careful with it

[ No smashing the donut piggy bank open from this ninja. ]
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I'll handle it like a bomb that could go off at any moment

Um, but not in the way that Mr. Tiger and Barnaby might

[ The lol at the end doesn't stop Ivan from fearing the wrath of the Tiny God! Clarification that he's not going to kick it to the top of a building is a good thing. ]
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Thank goodness

[ See? Hadn't gone near it... and still isn't yet because he's comfy in his pillow and blanket cocoon. ]
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[[ OOC: continued from here ]]

So, once they're cleaned, they're not going to looks like someone was murdered in your bed?

[ It's less "What will Pao-Lin sleep under?" and more "Is she going to sleep in cheese and salsa stained sheets?" Someone has to be the responsible person in the apartment, and right now, it's him. ]
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[ That's a good point... ]

I'll buy some sheets just in case and keep the receipt...
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Black... okay. But not getting food all over the bed is probably better in the long run ( ^^)
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Just checking ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ