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Soul Gems and Grief Seeds are involved. Friendship will do nothing.

[Hubert is typically the more level-headed of the two Lhant brothers, but sometimes his own sacrificial streak rivals Asbel's.

Tonight, for instance, he's snuck out alone to deal with the witch that's taken up residence along North Lhant Road, snaring hapless travelers in her labyrinth. Normally he wouldn't take such an action without backup, but the only two viable backups in this case (Asbel and Sophie) are dangerously close to full Soul Gem corruption and the last witch they fought didn't drop any Grief Seeds at all. And the non-magical members of their party would only be liabilities in the end, their attacks doing spotty damage at best to even a mere familiar. No, it's best if Hubert can focus his attention solely on defeating the witch, rather than worrying about someone else on the battlefield with him.

(Having Malik, Richard, Cheria, or Pascal join the magical retinue is out of the question. Not with what they all just found out about those who contracted with Kyubey.)

He's taken some precautions, of course. He left a note at the manor stating that he was out doing reconnaissance north of town. He fully expects Asbel and/or Sophie to come out after him once they find the note, but he's planning on having things mostly under control by then.

Said plans have run into a little bit of a snag.

Saretha is more powerful than he expected, her main form able to attack from multiple directions simultaneously. Fortunately, the magical powers granted to Hubert by Kyubey allow him to create functioning clones of himself to deal with multidirectional assaults as well as the familiars roaming around the labyrinth. Unfortunately, his total attack power is spread across every clone he creates; the more clones there are, the weaker each one is (and his own power declines as well). Hubert only has one other copy of himself assisting him at the moment for this reason -- but he's thinking of recalling the clone to regain his full strength. At the rate things are going, he'll need all the firepower he can get.

For now, however, Hubert and his clone fight their way through killer diamond rings with their trusty (magically-enhanced) dualblades.]
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[There's a loud clatter as one of the rings deflects off steel and is sent spinning in another direction, and then another and another in a slowly growing chorus of heavy metal raindrops (great band name y/y??). At the other end of the labyrinth is a tiny white figure, briefly suspended in midair before the rings recover, split into groups, and go slicing through the air -- Asbel.]

[Letter or no letter, Asbel knows his little brother isn't at his best either. Maybe Hubert never said anything, and maybe Asbel hasn't caught a recent glimpse of his Soul Gem, but he knows there haven't been any Grief Seeds in a while. Even if there had, sneaking off in the middle of the night? Like hell is Asbel going to turn over and go back to sleep when Hubert's still out here all alone!]

[So he did what his gut told him to. Scooped up the small egg-like trinket from beneath his pillow, scribbled a quick addition beneath Hubert's practically flawless handwriting, flung a jacket on and sprinted out into the darkness after him. And now he's here.]

Hubert! You okay?
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[Hubert glances up at the sound of his brother's voice.]


[Before he can say anything more, however, a trio of monster rings fused together think Magneton but with rings catches his attention with a roar. With a frown, Hubert directs a barrage of magic-infused cryas shots its way to shut it up. It's heftier than its single brethren, though, and so he can't take it down so easily.

Meanwhile, Saretha doesn't seem happy about her party being crashed. The luxurious witchscape of gems and precious metal grows dull and tarnished, and the velvet and satin crumble into scraggly linen and burlap. Her golden chain-like appendages turn to dark, rusted iron as she lashes out with them furiously. Hopefully Asbel still has his Dramatic Leaping Game(tm) going on.]
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[Yeah, he's pretty sure Hubert isn't thrilled about his being here (he can practically hear the rant forming - about how it's foolish of him when his Soul Gem's so dark and what does he expect to accomplish without a plan anyway), but there's really no chance to talk. Along with the speeding rings, Saretha's arms strike out like metal snakes, forcing Asbel even further away from the two Huberts.]

Damn...! She's switching strategies. [He needs to get closer. But it's hard to navigate in midair, there's no easy way to jump or change direction, and although he manages to dodge her diamond boomerangs as they go whizzing by, the heavy chain soon follows, crashing and rattling against the sword. The recoil strikes hard across his chest, all but knocking the wind out of him.]

[As he tumbles backwards through the air, Asbel readjusts his grip on the sword and hurls it away from him. It connects with the corroding metal and Saretha's once-beautiful limb snaps in two, leaving Asbel to crash painfully into the ground. Unlike Asbel, the sword shifts course just before it plunges hilt-deep into the rock-strewn floor, hovering a few feet above it.]

[The pain is terrible. But thanks to Kyubey, Asbel's still quite mercifully alive. A few seconds pass, and then he groans, wincing as he starts pulling himself onto his feet.]
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Kh...!! [Grabbing the still-hovering weapon, Asbel stumbles over to cover him, tripping over a still-live diamond, clashing and hitting it away before he can take up a defensive stance. He glances back at Hubert worriedly as the once-glorious witch sways back and forth. She's weakened, sure, but it's too early to celebrate just yet. Tattered as she's become, there's plenty of fight left in her.]

Hubert. Come on, we've got this!

[With a sound of shrieking metal, rings and the remaining links of the tarnished chains combine, creating something like a spiked whip - or maybe a chakram with a tail. It hovers high in the air for a moment, then plunges with great speed.]
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[His torso is still pounding from that hit, but Hubert pulls himself back to his feet anyway -- he knows he'll be fine soon enough, thanks to the increased durability resulting from whatever that damn Kyubey did to him and the other contracted ones.]

Watch out for those rings -- they'll trap you if they get the chance!

[He fires at the metallic monstrosity, but one foot is poised to sidestep at the last moment if need be.]
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[He knows better than to ignore his brother's advice, but as dangerous as those rings may be alone or fused into groupings, they've got other problems, too. She must be trying to gather what's left of her strength into the newly fused weapon, even as the metal creating it continues to slowly corrode and tarnish.]

Right, on it...! But we need to slow her down!

[Asbel lunges forward, his sword a blur of white light as he strikes out at the monstrous weapon, slashing upwards to try and cut that tail end off of it. If he can do that, he should be able to reduce its speed! But it isn't the only weapon in action, there are still stray rings zooming about, and whatever element of surprise Asbel might have had earlier is totally useless now. One of the chains wraps around Asbel's leg, jerking him violently as its links continue to disintegrate around them.]