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catchall post: hubert oswell

This is a catchall post for Hubert. Any threads specifically for him can go here!
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That's right. Cheria got tired and sick easier when she was little. I'm glad she got better though. [She is sure their journey together would have been much harder if that wasn't the case.]
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Well, she's much better with traveling for her job now she isn't sick, right? So that's good.

[Sophie understands her hair is ridiculously long and thus takes a bit of time with brushing or washing it. She points over to the dresser.] She keeps them in the top right drawer.
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When did you learn how to do hair like this?

[She's just curious, since. Well, Hubert certainly doesn't have hair long enough to braid like this, after all. But she stays still as he returns with the ribbons and proceeds to braid her hair after sectioning it. Sophie doesn't seem particularly concerned if Pascal or Malik were to come in and see them. It's not uncommon for one of them to be helping with her hair, after all, though admittedly it was usually Cheria.]
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Oh. So that was it, with ropes? I don't think I've learnt that. Was it fun? Maybe I could try and learn that sometime....
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Knots? Oh, like tying shoes or ribbons. It could be useful. If you don't mind teaching me sometime. [Sitting patiently as he does her hair, genuinely interested and listening to Hubert talk about his time in the military.] I guess you learnt a lot of things there, like Asbel when he went to the knight academy.
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What kind of experience? Was it hard? You must have missed your family back at Lhant. At least for a while. I'd miss Asbel if we were separated for that long. What else did they teach you?
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Wow, they taught you a lot! But I guess you had to learn a bit about Strahta since you moved there from Lhant. It all sounds pretty useful! What does rigorous mean?

[She figures it means 'hard' or something along those lines with the context, but she isn't sure she's heard the word before. And Sophie notes he doesn't mention missing his family. But he probably didn't want to talk about it, so she won't push.]
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That can't have been very fun. When did you have time to play and see your friends then if you didn't have much free time? That sounds...lonely.
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It still sounds lonely. Keeping busy is good but you need to relax too! That's what Cheria and Asbel say. Like with gardening, it's something I can do with Asbel but it's also fun and relaxing. It's not his work as the lord of Lhant, so it gives him a break from it. It doesn't sound like you had something like that back at Strahta, Hubert.
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He didn't approve? Why? I don't think there's anything wrong having fun with friends. [Because. How can there be anything wrong with spending time with those you love, friends or family? As important as Sophie gathers that studying is, surely that was also important as well, to relax sometimes?]
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So he didn't have any friends? Outside of work? [That is almost hard for Sophie to imagine, given her instantly having been taken in by Asbel when she had woken up in the meadow. And how close they all were after all that time.]