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catchall post: pascal

This is a catchall post for Pascal. Any threads specifically for her can go here!
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[Continued from here

What is he doing here? Well, considering her state he really can't get terribly mad. Knowing this woman, it was likely she slept walked here. With a half amused look on his face, he gave a slight sigh.]

You're in my bed, that's what I'm doing here.

[His tone sounded half resigned if only because he didn't want to put up a fight with her at the moment.]
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I'm rather sure you had no clue where you were going and ended up here instead. [Because Pascal. He needs no more reasoning outside of that.]

Shall I lead you back to your room? [Part to be rid of her, part to be nice, part because he's a hypocrite and wants an excuse to hold on to her as he leads her back to her room.]
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[Such actions from her don't even surprise him anymore as he gives a bit of a dramatic sigh, his fingers pressed against his glasses. Just what is he going to do with you, Pascal? Though he does go up to her and grab her shoulders in an attempt to gently sit her up. See, he is kind!]

Would you like some water?

[Since he figures it'd be best to let her stay here... getting her to her room will likely end in failure.]
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You certainly drank enough, all right.

[With an exasperated sigh, he tries to hold her up, until he sees that expression and... oh dear. Sorry, battle reflexes are going to kick in now as he moves to the side to avoid any possible projectiles coming his way that were once the contents of Pascal's stomach.]
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[Well that was absolutely disgusting. Good to know Amarcians digest things in the same manner that humans do... with green and brown chunks to go with it. Best not to stare at it though, the smell alone is doing wonders at making his own stomach churn.]

I imagine it did not. Now... [Gently but firmly, he grabs Pascal by the shoulders to pull her off the bed, and not step in her own vomit.] Let us get to your room. I'm rather sure you will not wish to stay here any longer.
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[And he rests his head against his fingers, trying not to full out facepalm at her. Just how much did Malik let her drink, and why would he think that was a good idea?]

I am not going to carry you. Now, I'll let you use my shoulder to balance, but nothing more.