It's beginning to look a lot like shippy shenanigans...

[It's sunny, snowless, and warm -- odd adjectives for a winter day in Luceti. But if the shifted Christmas decorations on all the buildings didn't tip someone off to the true season, certainly the sprigs of mistletoe popping up everywhere would.

At this point, Pao-Lin can practically draw a photographic image of the parasitic plant from memory; she's just seen so much of it. Such things happen when a girl makes it a point to zap any mistletoe she can spot as she goes for her usual run around the village. Though she doesn't harbor a hatred for the plant the way other Lucetians seem to do, it gives her a little more purpose in her days for the moment. It's kind of fun, in a way, like a game. One with awkward consequences if she loses, but by some stroke of luck she's managed to miss out on mistletoe misery thus far.

That being said, there is one person she wouldn't mind being stuck under the mistletoe with. But she hardly needs an excuse to kiss him.]

Soul Gems and Grief Seeds are involved. Friendship will do nothing.

[Hubert is typically the more level-headed of the two Lhant brothers, but sometimes his own sacrificial streak rivals Asbel's.

Tonight, for instance, he's snuck out alone to deal with the witch that's taken up residence along North Lhant Road, snaring hapless travelers in her labyrinth. Normally he wouldn't take such an action without backup, but the only two viable backups in this case (Asbel and Sophie) are dangerously close to full Soul Gem corruption and the last witch they fought didn't drop any Grief Seeds at all. And the non-magical members of their party would only be liabilities in the end, their attacks doing spotty damage at best to even a mere familiar. No, it's best if Hubert can focus his attention solely on defeating the witch, rather than worrying about someone else on the battlefield with him.

(Having Malik, Richard, Cheria, or Pascal join the magical retinue is out of the question. Not with what they all just found out about those who contracted with Kyubey.)

He's taken some precautions, of course. He left a note at the manor stating that he was out doing reconnaissance north of town. He fully expects Asbel and/or Sophie to come out after him once they find the note, but he's planning on having things mostly under control by then.

Said plans have run into a little bit of a snag.

Saretha is more powerful than he expected, her main form able to attack from multiple directions simultaneously. Fortunately, the magical powers granted to Hubert by Kyubey allow him to create functioning clones of himself to deal with multidirectional assaults as well as the familiars roaming around the labyrinth. Unfortunately, his total attack power is spread across every clone he creates; the more clones there are, the weaker each one is (and his own power declines as well). Hubert only has one other copy of himself assisting him at the moment for this reason -- but he's thinking of recalling the clone to regain his full strength. At the rate things are going, he'll need all the firepower he can get.

For now, however, Hubert and his clone fight their way through killer diamond rings with their trusty (magically-enhanced) dualblades.]

Spooky shenanigans -- just in time for Halloween!

[The Friend Ship probably picked one of the worst days to end up on Muertos. A forbidding and desolate landscape on its more appealing days, a recent rain has swathed the island in a thick fog -- perfect for monsters and other meanies to hide in. Indeed, there seem to be shadows skulking around in the mist...or is it all just an optical illusion?

Strangely, Hubert finds the fog to be more annoying than scary. How are they supposed to see in this? What a pain. They'll have to bring a lantern with them or something.

...of course, once Hubert actually gets off the ship and starts walking around to get his land bearings back, he forgets about needing a lantern. Actually, the fog isn't that bad walking around in it. It's...kind of cool, actually. They never got fog like this back in Lhant!] really can't see anything out here! It's like a blank sheet of paper!

[This isn't cause for concern at all, what are you even talking about.]

((Based off this meme; Hubert has lost his sense of self-preservation.))
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Texts From Last Night Meme.

Y'all know the drill.
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A case of the babysitting blues.

[Well. Babysitting a toddler isn't exactly how Hubert had planned to spend his morning, but it's far from the worst thing to interrupt his daily routine. At the very least, Sophie is supposed to be a well-behaved child (or so Pao-Lin had mentioned once), so he's hoping to salvage some productivity by reading while watching her.

So here he is at House 34, armed with a suitably thick book. Prepare to meet your linefaced match, Sophie Coolidge.]
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State of the Muses - January 30, 2013.

nooooooo I lost my "TONIGHT WE RP IN HELL" icon, will need to fix that later

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Calling all cosmic folk!

[The really convenient thing about the Elemental Knights was that they had what essentially amounted to an internal mental instant messaging system -- that is to say, they were all linked to each other on a telepathy network. (Though the knights themselves more frequently employed an architectural metaphor of a hallway and doors to describe it, but that is neither here nor there.) This made it fairly easy for Bomberman to find out a day and time when all of them might be free to meet with a certain Person of Interest (read: Grune) when he met up with Zhael for a lunch date. Location wasn't an issue, either, since Bomberman decided that the simplest solution was to host this little gathering at his place. Unfortunately, he didn't count on being unable to do anything remotely like tidying up the disaster zone of his apartment until the last minute due to work and school things. But he figured that if he was able to survive an encounter with the Angel of Light and Shadow, he could deal with a session of mach 5 cleaning.

So the instant he's done with his other daily duties, Bomberman sets to work making his apartment look less like a stereotypical bachelor pad. He washes dishes, takes out the garbage, hides laundry, does basic dusting, and generally clears out the clutter. He also kicks Pommy downstairs to Sheba's apartment (with the woman's blessing) so the critter doesn't derail what is sure to be an informative talk. Once he's done all he can do, Bomberman flops onto his couch to get some much needed rest.

Which is of course the exact moment Regulus shows up, teleporting right into the living room in a swirl of dark energy.

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Random Scenario Meme.

So I don't have to wait for it to come up on [community profile] bakerstreet! Now posted in the right journal, sob.

- Post your character, name, and series in the subject. Include any preferences as well, and indicate which muse of mine you want!
- Go to RNG and enter 1-6 for a scene type, and 1-20 for a scene to play out. Or just choose one yourself, whatever.
- Have fun!

Note: For email filtering reasons, I've turned off comment notifications to this entry. So if you post here and you didn't work something out with me beforehand elsewhere, drop a PM to this account to let me know you're here!

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In which Pao-Lin learns from Ginia that a hard man is good to find. And other things.

[What was it with those fucking Valentine's Day experiments?!


Okay, maybe that particular qualifier shouldn't be used anywhere near those words, considering what had happened between Pao-Lin and Hubert this time around. Maybe they hadn't quite done the deed then, but they'd certainly come close enough to make things supremely awkward between them afterwards. Really, Pao-Lin had been amazed that Hubert still showed up for his kung fu lesson a couple of days later -- she herself had almost thought about calling in "sick" for those. But that would have been pretty irresponsible of her, and anyway she did really miss him a lot. Like. A lot.

...this whole sex thing was stupid, Pao-Lin thought. And confusing.

The latter point, however, is the whole reason Pao-Lin is heading over to House 44 today. Upon hearing about Pao-Lin's encounter of the goodtouch kind, Ginia had offered to clarify a couple of points about the whole deal, inviting Pao-Lin over for a special "girl talk" session. Pao-Lin had almost said no. It was embarrassing enough to think about, never mind talk about.

But Ginia always has something useful or important to say, and Pao-Lin's confided a lot in her over the time she's known the woman in Luceti. And the only other person she would consider talking to about such matters, Nathan, is away on a mission at the moment.

So, bundled up against the February chill with her hood up to hide what is probably a very bashful expression, Pao-Lin rings the doorbell of House 44.]

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