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[If there's one thing Bomberman is already liking about being stuck in Luceti, it's that he can go out whenever he wants and not worry about being accosted by the paparazzi. Back home he'd have to be careful to take a roundabout route from his apartment and go searching for private nature trails. Here, though, he can just up and jog down the streets if he likes and no fucks are given by anyone.

Today he's headed over to check out the Battle Dome he's been told so much about. If it lives up to its hype, it's going to be another consolation prize for being suddenly trapped in some black hole world once again.]
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[As Pao-Lin wanders through the streets of Luceti, there are quite a number of questions on her mind. Things like, how did she get here? What is this place? Why does she have wings?

And where's Hubert?

This last one comes primarily from the fact that she's pretty sure she remembers falling asleep on the couch at his house the night before. Did he get dragged to where this place is, too? She's not sure whether she wants that to be true or not. It'd be nice not to be alone, but...he deserves to be safe at home. She's the Hero, not him: she'll deal with danger and protect him.

Not that Luceti seems all that dangerous, being the kind of homey village that it is. But it's unfamiliar, and so Pao-Lin keeps her gaze sharp and observant, keeping an eye out for threats...or her best friend.]
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[It's a busy night at this popular nightclub in downtown Diamond City, and Bomberman's stuck in a corner, watching Kuro living it up on the dance floor while Megumi throws back a couple of drinks at the bar. He actually really hates places like this, but life's been shitty lately and his best buds convinced him that he might just need a change of pace.

And it is sort of...interesting, at least. The music's so damn loud that he can't hear himself think all the terrible thoughts in his head, which is nice. But it is starting to give him a headache.

Still, Kuro and Megumi have threatened to break out the embarrassing childhood stories and pictures to the rest of their task force if Bomberman doesn't at least try to talk to a girl tonight, so after surveying the crowd as best as he can in the low lighting, he wanders over to Grune, who looks like she's enjoying this sort of thing as much as he is -- which is to say, not very much. He tries his best to talk over the music without making it seem like he's yelling at her.]

So, uh...hey. Big crowd tonight, huh?

[Yep. This one's a smooth operator.

Grune will probably recognize him because he's, well, Bomberman, and everyone knows him in the city. But she might also pick up a streak of divine power within him, or evidence that he's had experiences with the cosmic in this universe before.]
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[It's Valentine's Day, which means...absolutely nothing to Pommy! Or at least, it didn't until someone explained its purpose and customs to him.

Now Pommy's wandering around Luceti with two boxes full of treats for his two favoritest people in the place. One contains a couple of poppyseed muffins, while the other has oatmeal cookies. He's mainly looking for the intended recipients of these, but you can come talk to him regardless.]
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[There's a familiar girl walking the streets of Luceti today with an intense, focused expression, newly returned from her mallynapping. But those who know her will quickly realize that something is very off. Very, very off.

The more innocuous difference is that she's taller, with longer hair and a more mature face, though she still wears her yellow-and-black striped jumpsuit. She's also toting around a katana -- an odd choice, considering her weapon of choice as a Hero.

Ah...Heroes and HeroTV. That's where things start to get interesting with this one. If you come up and talk to her, maybe you'll find out just how interesting they are.]
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