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ART COMMISSION INFO: pricing and terms

So You Wanna Commission a Sora...

(abandon hope, all ye who commission me)

What can you get out of a Sora?

Illustrations in varying degrees of detail and roleplay icons for Dreamwidth!

A Sora Commission, in seven simple steps

1. You email me (cinnamonically @ gmail) so we can work out the specs and pricing.
2. I lay out the final quote and installments for you to approve.
3. After you approve of both, I invoice you for the first installment.
4. I start working on your commission after the first invoice is paid, and no sooner.
(4a. If you requested more than two installments, I also invoice you again at agreed-upon milestones, as many times as needed.)
5. After finishing the commission, I send a lo-res preview for you to either approve or request additional changes to.
6. Once the final iteration is approved, I invoice you for the final installment.
7. Upon payment of the final invoice, and no sooner, I send you a hi-res version of your commission.

Beach better have my sand dollars

All payments are through PayPal to cinnamonically @ gmail! Your final total will usually be split into two installments, but if you need more in order to afford your commission, we can work out something different.

That being said, I CHARGE PAYPAL FEES on every other installment, starting with the first. (My source is The Fee Calculator.) In most cases you'll only have to worry about fees on your first installment, and splitting up the cost this way actually saves you some change on your commission compared with paying a one-time fee on the full cost. However, once you get up to three or more installments, you'll end up paying a little more in the end (generally a few extra cents, depending). All of this can be discussed in more detail over email if you're confused or if you want clarification on what the pricing would look like for a commission you have in mind. I can bring your milkshake to the front porch

I tend to work at a leisurely pace, but if your commission is time-sensitive (e.g., it's a birthday gift for someone or you need icons in time for a game event), I can either prioritize it or let you know if I can't deliver on your timetable. If I agree to a time-sensitive commission that happens to be particularly involved, however, I reserve the right to charge a rush fee for 25% of the final quote.

No can do...

Explicit nudity, porn, fetishes, mecha, furries, or sequential art! My skills just aren't up to par in any of those things. Even if your commission doesn't fall under any of these categories, though, I may be unable to do it for other reasons. If that's the case, I'll let you know during the discussion phase.

I also reserve the right to turn down commissions that seem hateful or designed to hurt someone/several someones. Be cool, brahs.

Terms of use and the nitty-gritty ( the name for my new band so don't steal it)


Any and all works commissioned from me are for non-commercial/personal use only! Clients have no copyrights to the commissioned work(s) and can't use said work(s) beyond what I permit, or limit me from using the work elsewhere.

Icons should be credited to cinnamonical @ DW either in the icon comments or somewhere on the character's journal. And obviously don't claim credit on any of the work I do for you (see: the above comment about being cool).

You can color any lineart I produce for you, but if you want the original .psd I will charge an additional $5. By default, all commissions are sent as .jpgs unless otherwise requested.


If a commission somehow grows far beyond its original scope, I reserve the right to charge accordingly for my time.

I will offer refunds if you really aren't satisfied with your final commission for whatever reason, or if you change your mind on the commission being done in the first place. However, I will charge a cancellation fee based on when in the process you cancel the commission.

at the beginning: 10% of what's already been paid
somewhere in the middle: 20% of what's already been paid
towards the end/right before final installment: 40% of the total cost

Finally, I reserve the right to terminate your commission and discontinue work on it if you engage in any of the following:

withholding payment
threatening or abusive behavior
exploiting loopholes to get around things I refuse or have refused to do
claiming my work as your own/withholding proper credit

Let me repeat: BE COOL, BRAHS. I don't wanna be working with uncool people. Because it ain't cool, yo.

In contacting me via email, you signify that you have read, understood, and agreed to these terms!

Once again, that link is:

Let me repeat, that link is:

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