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Calling all cosmic folk!

[The really convenient thing about the Elemental Knights was that they had what essentially amounted to an internal mental instant messaging system -- that is to say, they were all linked to each other on a telepathy network. (Though the knights themselves more frequently employed an architectural metaphor of a hallway and doors to describe it, but that is neither here nor there.) This made it fairly easy for Bomberman to find out a day and time when all of them might be free to meet with a certain Person of Interest (read: Grune) when he met up with Zhael for a lunch date. Location wasn't an issue, either, since Bomberman decided that the simplest solution was to host this little gathering at his place. Unfortunately, he didn't count on being unable to do anything remotely like tidying up the disaster zone of his apartment until the last minute due to work and school things. But he figured that if he was able to survive an encounter with the Angel of Light and Shadow, he could deal with a session of mach 5 cleaning.

So the instant he's done with his other daily duties, Bomberman sets to work making his apartment look less like a stereotypical bachelor pad. He washes dishes, takes out the garbage, hides laundry, does basic dusting, and generally clears out the clutter. He also kicks Pommy downstairs to Sheba's apartment (with the woman's blessing) so the critter doesn't derail what is sure to be an informative talk. Once he's done all he can do, Bomberman flops onto his couch to get some much needed rest.

Which is of course the exact moment Regulus shows up, teleporting right into the living room in a swirl of dark energy.


Bomberman blinks blearily up at him.]

You couldn't have used the front door like a regular person?

["I was near the Parashti border for work," Regulus says, as impassive as ever. "It would have taken far too long for me to return here by conventional means." He inclines his head slightly. "You were sleeping?"

A sigh.]

Trying to.

["I see. Shall I leave, then?"

Bomberman waves a lazy hand.]

It's fine.

[Though it's a little awkward to be stuck alone with Regulus like this. But the other knights will be here soon enough, and at least Regulus isn't out to kill him anymore.

"Very well." Despite there being ample places to sit, Regulus instead takes up a position leaning against the wall in a corner of the room, facing the door with his arms folded. "You couldn't have chosen a more neutral location? You're taking a huge risk inviting such an unknown factor into your personal space. Particularly if your suspicions about her divine nature prove to be correct."

Yeah, Bomberman...has to admit he didn't quite think things through on this one. But it's too late now.]

Well, I'm sure you'll be the first one to take her down if she tries anything funny. [There's only a slight edge of sarcasm to his words because really, it's the truth.

Regulus snorts softly at that. The conversation between the two of them falls into silence as Bomberman settles in for a very, very light nap.

Minutes later, there's a blast of both hot and cold air as Baelfael and Behemos make their appearance. Behemos raises an eyebrow as he glances first at Bomberman on the couch and then Regulus stationed in the corner. "Lovers' spat?" he guesses.

Bomberman doesn't bother to answer that one. Instead, he drones:]

I suppose you guys didn't care to take the bus up here, either.

["We did, actually," Baelfael says. "We were walking up to your place when Regulus informed us it would be better to simply skip the front door and teleport straight here."

"It is more efficient that way," Regulus responds when Bomberman gives him a weird look.

Well, Bomberman supposes he can't argue with that one. Startling as the teleportation is, at least he doesn't have to bother with getting up and answering the doorbell. But he's frankly surprised Regulus would even bother mentioning something like that in the first place. Bomberman starts to wonder if this is the man's way of apologizing for essentially just barging into his apartment. Then he figures that he shouldn't ascribe a conscience to an action that can be adequately explained by pragmatism, particularly considering the person in question.

Behemos takes a seat in one of the chairs Bomberman dragged in from the kitchen, spinning it around so that he can rest his arms on the back of the chair as he straddles it. "So how'd you meet this Grune chick, anyway?"

Bomberman takes a moment to figure out how to answer this in a way that isn't going to inspire Behemos to troll him.]

Ran into her while I was out with my friends a week or two ago.

["Heh. Didn't take you for the type to go cruising for chicks."

So much for that.

Thankfully, Baelfael steps in to inject a little more gravity into the conversation. "Do you know how long Grune's been in Diamond City?"]

No. But like I said earlier, she seems to know something about the black mist, which could mean that she's been here long enough to study it.

["Or that she's followed it from elsewhere."

"Hell, for all we know, she might even be the one causing it," Behemos retorts.]

Actually, she said that a woman named Schwartz is the one responsible for the mist. Any of you know her?

[Behemos and Baelfael shake their heads, but Regulus says: "The name sounds very similar to the word for 'black' in a language from my home world. As well, Grune's name sounds like the word for 'green'."

"Interesting," muses Baelfael. "Do you think she could be from La Terre, then?"

"It's as possible as anything, I suppose. But if so, she would be the first person that I know of other than myself who lives outside the planet. La Terre didn't have any sort of interplanetary transit system when I visited it last."

"Well, the lack of space travel didn't stop Albereo from picking you up all those years ago," Behemos points out.

Regulus glances up at the ceiling in thought. "Be that as it may, I'm more inclined to put stock in a cosmic connection." A humorless smile. "Seeing as Bomberman appears to have a penchant for attracting that sort of attention."

Don't remind me, Bomberman thinks.

The rushing of wind heralds Ashtarth materializing in the living room, followed shortly by Zoniha and Molok. "Zhael's still stuck at rehearsal," Zoniha explains, flipping some of her hair over her shoulder. "Something about the director throwing a temper tantrum and keeping everyone late as a result. But she should get here eventually."

Bomberman finally sits up with a yawn, realizing that he's gotten about as much "rest" as he's going to get for the moment. With the majority of the knights present now, he proceeds to brief them in more detail about the things he learned from Grune, while waiting for the woman in question to arrive...]

((Responses to come from both [personal profile] thewindowburns and [personal profile] kungfubomber as needed for icons!))

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