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In which Pao-Lin learns from Ginia that a hard man is good to find. And other things.

[What was it with those fucking Valentine's Day experiments?!


Okay, maybe that particular qualifier shouldn't be used anywhere near those words, considering what had happened between Pao-Lin and Hubert this time around. Maybe they hadn't quite done the deed then, but they'd certainly come close enough to make things supremely awkward between them afterwards. Really, Pao-Lin had been amazed that Hubert still showed up for his kung fu lesson a couple of days later -- she herself had almost thought about calling in "sick" for those. But that would have been pretty irresponsible of her, and anyway she did really miss him a lot. Like. A lot.

...this whole sex thing was stupid, Pao-Lin thought. And confusing.

The latter point, however, is the whole reason Pao-Lin is heading over to House 44 today. Upon hearing about Pao-Lin's encounter of the goodtouch kind, Ginia had offered to clarify a couple of points about the whole deal, inviting Pao-Lin over for a special "girl talk" session. Pao-Lin had almost said no. It was embarrassing enough to think about, never mind talk about.

But Ginia always has something useful or important to say, and Pao-Lin's confided a lot in her over the time she's known the woman in Luceti. And the only other person she would consider talking to about such matters, Nathan, is away on a mission at the moment.

So, bundled up against the February chill with her hood up to hide what is probably a very bashful expression, Pao-Lin rings the doorbell of House 44.]
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[The days following whatever experiment fell around Valentine's Day was always a day for recovery, recuperating, and reflecting on the full horrors and mixed joys of the experiment. Dammit, Malnosso, dammit. Even Ginia hadn't been able to avoid the event, having been thrown into a very active and lovely relationship with both Giles and Helios. The days after the event had been its own source of stress with both men running away from the house, having to be dragged back, then watching them continue to dance around everything.

Men. Honestly. Though Ginia knew she wasn't much better since she was still trying to sort out the whole mess herself. Baking made things somewhat better as she could throw all her energy into baking platter after platter of cookies. Focusing her energy on others also helped as well, which was why she had practically pounced upon the idea of giving Pao-Lin a "talk." It was a good talk to have, the sort of talk women passed on to other women generations after generations. And so today Ginia would pass her wisdom down to Pao-Lin.

At the sound of the doorbell, Odin barks at the door and jumps up on the handle, pushing the handle just right to let it swing open. Tail wagging, he offers a paw out to Pao-Lin. From the kitchen, Ginia peers around and waves.]

Come in! I'm frosting some cookies, I'll be done in a moment. Make yourself comfortable! Want something to drink?
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[Odin gives her face a happy lick, always happy to see any of Ginia's friends around (because pets are awesome yo). He pads along after Pao-Lin, darting ahead into the kitchen to bump his nose against Ginia's leg. Ginia laughs lightly and gives her dog a gentle nudge, her hands a bit full as she covers some cookies with frosting.]

Sugar cookies, though there are some chocolate chip cookies and snickerdoodle cookies too. Want to help? There's sprinkles and other colored icing.
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[There will be talking about That Thing. In fact, they'll probably talk about a lot of Things while talking, but first, post-experiment therapy baking session.]

The snickerdoodle cookies are from last night, but the chocolate chip and sugar cookies are from this morning. There's nothing like the smell of fresh cookies in the kitchen. [This might also be her way of luring Giles and Helios in for a conversation and finally sitting down with the two of them and talking everything out.]
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If you find a good recipe, could you let me know? I haven't had Chinese almond cookies in a long time and I'd love to learn how to make them.
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Oh, of course! Remind me later, I'll write it down for you.

[The oven beeps as the last tray of cookies is finished baking. Ginia smiles and waves toward the oven mitts on the counter.]

Pao-Lin, be a dear and get the tray out? That's the last batch of sugar cookies. You can put the tray anywhere on the counter.
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Hm? Oh, yes, I thought I'd go with the crunchy ones these time. Goes quite nicely with tea. [Speaking of drinks, Ginia remembers she'd offered Pao-Lin a drink and never got it. She quickly sets down the icing - she wasn't almost done anyway - and heads toward the fridge.]

What kind of juice do you want? We have orange, apple, and lemonade. There's also milk.
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[Ginia goes to the fridge and pulls out a fresh pitcher of lemonade, sets it on the counter, and goes to get a glass.]

Some say lemonade is really a summer drink, but I think it's perfect year-round. It's so refreshing. I like mixing in a bit of orange juice and lemon-lime soda too.
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Perk of being a bartender; you get to experiment with drinks all the time. The orange and carbonation in the soda give it a bit of kick. You can also infuse different types of candy into soda.
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Pixy Stix will work, but you don't want to add too much or it'll make the soda overflow. Lemonheads, Cherryheads, or Orangeheads also work nicely with lemon-lime soda, while Red Vines make lovely straws. [There's also Skittles and vodka, but that's different matter.

Though speaking of overflowing...]
Ever tried mixing Diet Coke and Mentos?
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Not to drink, but as a science experiment.
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Next time I find some Mentos and Diet Coke, I'll show you what happens. [And there will be sticky geysers of love soda everywhere.]

Ah! Right, your lemonade. [She sets it by Pao-Lin.] The cookies are looking great.
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And the special ingredient of love. [She smiles wryly. Hey, isn't that a nice transition into their conversation of the day? But for now, cookies.] Help yourself to some, cookies are best when they're warm.
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[Ginia gives her shoulder a small, reassuring pat. She remembers how confusing love and emotions and all those things were when she was a teenager and can't imagine it being any easier with experiments making a mess of things. Even as an adult, it's really no easier or less confusing.]

Life lesson, Pao-Lin; things always get better and they always get on. I wish I had an easy answer for you, but there isn't one. But how do you feel?

/SOB I'm sorry /)_(\

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