Oct. 31st, 2012

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[The really convenient thing about the Elemental Knights was that they had what essentially amounted to an internal mental instant messaging system -- that is to say, they were all linked to each other on a telepathy network. (Though the knights themselves more frequently employed an architectural metaphor of a hallway and doors to describe it, but that is neither here nor there.) This made it fairly easy for Bomberman to find out a day and time when all of them might be free to meet with a certain Person of Interest (read: Grune) when he met up with Zhael for a lunch date. Location wasn't an issue, either, since Bomberman decided that the simplest solution was to host this little gathering at his place. Unfortunately, he didn't count on being unable to do anything remotely like tidying up the disaster zone of his apartment until the last minute due to work and school things. But he figured that if he was able to survive an encounter with the Angel of Light and Shadow, he could deal with a session of mach 5 cleaning.

So the instant he's done with his other daily duties, Bomberman sets to work making his apartment look less like a stereotypical bachelor pad. He washes dishes, takes out the garbage, hides laundry, does basic dusting, and generally clears out the clutter. He also kicks Pommy downstairs to Sheba's apartment (with the woman's blessing) so the critter doesn't derail what is sure to be an informative talk. Once he's done all he can do, Bomberman flops onto his couch to get some much needed rest.

Which is of course the exact moment Regulus shows up, teleporting right into the living room in a swirl of dark energy.

and then this exploded into tl;dr because why the fuck not )
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