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A case of the babysitting blues.

[Well. Babysitting a toddler isn't exactly how Hubert had planned to spend his morning, but it's far from the worst thing to interrupt his daily routine. At the very least, Sophie is supposed to be a well-behaved child (or so Pao-Lin had mentioned once), so he's hoping to salvage some productivity by reading while watching her.

So here he is at House 34, armed with a suitably thick book. Prepare to meet your linefaced match, Sophie Coolidge.]
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[When she hears someone coming in the door, Sophie thumps right over to meet them. After all, it's her duty to protect the house from bad guys--Norma said so.

She isn't particularly impressed by the blue-haired guy walking in right now, but who knows? Maybe he'll do something interesting later. In the meantime, she has to make sure it's okay for him to come in.]

Who are you?
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[She just kind of looks at him.]

You're blue.

[Be proud, Hubert. She can't identify too many colours at this point in her life, but that is apparently one of them!]
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Sophie approves of this nickname!

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[She points at his clothes.]

You're all blue.

[...Hey, she feels a nickname coming on!]
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Hubert is going to love his nickname in return, I guarantee.

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[Dude, you are making no sense.]
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Oh, definitely.

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[Sophie looks at him for a long moment...

...then turns around and walks off.

Wow, you sure got boring fast, bro.]
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[Don't mind Sophie completely ignoring you in favour of going over to the toy chest in the living room, opening it, and retrieving her peepit chick plushie. She then closes the lid to the box, and uses both hands to make the plushie hop around while making chirping noises to herself.

Interpret this, Hubert.]
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[Sorry, bro. You're going to find a note that instructs you to give Sophie a snack and a nap at some point during the afternoon, but that's about it. For everything else, you're on your own.

Meanwhile, Sophie is just going to take her peepit chick and climb up onto the couch so she can have it hop along the back for a while. What do, Hubert.]
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[Hubert, you are not endearing yourself.

Sophie stops and looks over her shoulder just long enough to say:]
Fen lets me.

[Then she goes back to playing.

This may or may not be true. Believe the small child Y/N?]
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[Once again, for a very long moment, Sophie stares at Hubert. Are you serious, dude.

When it looks as though he is...she hops down.

She doesn't look happy about it, though. And ten to one the moment he turns his back she'll be back up there again. FEN SAYS IT'S OKAY.]
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[Sophie is well aware that she's being watched, and as she plays, she keeps a rather sulky eye on Hubert to see if his attention lapses.

After a while, she stands up with her toy and leaves the room. Follow?]
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[When Sophie reaches the door of the bathroom, she turns around and stares at Hubert. You're not going to follow her into here, are you, bro?]
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[Good. Maybe he's not so annoying after all.

Sophie then proceeds to spend a ridiculous amount of time in the bathroom, because what is being efficient when you're four.]
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[Because like hell is Sophie going to say anything else. She's a big girl and don't need no man!

Accept this at face value?]
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[Now she sounds a little annoyed. What, don't you trust her?]
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[It'll be a good while before Sophie emerges from the bathroom (Hubert doesn't want to know how much toilet paper she used...). When she does, however, she doesn't return to the living room, but instead toddles her way into the kitchen.

Maybe Gee Girl forgot and left some cookies out.]
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[The minute Sophie notices Hubert, she stops what she's doing and stares at him. What do you want, bro? :|]
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[She takes a minute to think about her answer.]


[Is she actually capable of saying anything else...?]
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[...But she wanted cookies. :|

Well, maybe he'll give her some after. She should save room.]


[Just like Ques!]
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[Oh, did you want help? Because WELP. Sophie is just going to take her peepit chick, plunk down on the floor in the middle of the kitchen, and start playing with it. You didn't want to walk without having to worry about stepping on a small child, did you?]
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[Yeah, but you frowned at her, which is -10 points and earns you....]


[Have fun with that, Hubert.]
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[This might seem logical to someone older, but to Sophie? Nah.]

But I'm not done yet.

[Had anyone else asked her to move, she almost certainly would have, but Hubert, you've put her back up. Unless she gets another direct order, she's going to be stubborn.]
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[Sophie may be young, but like most kids, she has a good instinct for how far she can push things. She's not happy about it, but--she gets up from the floor, goes over to the table, climbs into a chair, and sits down.

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[And peace is finally achieved as Sophie settles down to eat her snack. She even uses the fork! Good job, Sophie.]